I loved creating collages as a kid.  Going through magazines or catalogs to find pictures and words.  Picking out the right color of construction paper, so my treasured finds would be visible.  Glueing the little pieces of paper.  Then hoping my masterpiece didn’t curl up too much on the ends when it was dry.  Oh – the smell of rubber cement or trying to peel off dried Elmer’s School glue from your fingertip in one piece so you’d have a cast of your fingerprint.  Me-mor-ies…

I still enjoy creating collages and found a virtual way to make a word collage, sans the mess of paper scraps and spilled glue.  

Wordle is a website where one can create and print a word cloud.  I made one to use as the cover for my Book Bible .    I used some ‘bookish’ words from my WIP and voila, I got this:


Wordle isn’t the only website out there for creating word clouds.  Just do an internet search on ‘word cloud’ or ‘tag cloud’ to find similar sites.

Happy word clouding… 

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