I have a confession… this book is the very first YA digital book I’ve ever purchased.  Sure I’ve downloaded many a free book on the craft of writing and a few free romances Wilde's Firethat I have yet to ever open, but this is the first I’ve actually paid cold hard cash, errr charged to my credit card via my Amazon Prime account.

I love books.  I want to hold the book in my hand and feel the pages between my fingers.  But I’m learning to embrace eBooks as well and now I have two young adult books on my Kindle – one fantasy & one contemporary.  More about that second book in a future post.

So that leads me to Wilde’s Fire by Krystal Wade.  This YA fantasy is published by a totally cool looking indie publisher called Curiosity Quills.  I just love the vibe they have and check out the cool cover art for their titles.

In Wilde’s Fire … Kate Wilde enters a portal to another world while she’s on a camping trip with her sister and best friend (Brad).   Danger immediately finds them when they come face to face with Darkness and the evil creatures seeking to destroy Encardia.  It’s a quick paced magical story with tons of action and intrigue.  I don’t want to reveal too many spoilers, but I will say that I loved how Kate’s romantic relationship with Arland (leader of an outpost protecting the people of Encardia) was developed.  And… the story ended with a great twist I was not expecting.  Wilde's Army

This is the first in the Darkness Falls Trilogy, all of which are available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.  I’m definitely looking forward to Book 2 – Wilde’s Army.    

If you enjoy magical stories packed with action, well developed characters, romantic heat and a richly crafted world, I believe you’ll like this YA fantasy.

Out of four TL Dreamworld clouds – this one gets…

cloud  cloud  cloud 

Happy reading!!