Get to Know the Cast of

I’ve asked my cast to introduce themselves and tell you a fact about them. Feel free to ask them questions by leaving a comment on the blog or sending me a message here.

Kyra Siefert, 17 years old – Hey, I’m Kyra and I so hate talking about myself. I just found out that everyone at school is talking about me behind my back. Especially of interest to the masses–my love life, or lack thereof.

Aidan MacGregor, 18 years old – Hello, I’m Aidan MacGregor. I’m generally miserable, but with good reason. I’m still grieving the death of my twin brother.

Bayleigh Tyler, 18 years old – Howdy people. I’m Kyra’s best friend Bayleigh Tyler. Want to hear something sucky? My dad used my college savings to fund his re-election campaign.

Genevieve MacGregor, 17 years old – Bonjour. Please call me Gen. Aidan is my older brother, but age is relative. Aidan’s overly protective and it bugs the heck out of me.

Tejay Deloria, 17 years old – Hi, I play lead guitar for Sitting Lincoln. I wish Kyra saw me as more than a friend.

Trista Malone, 19 years old – Let’s skip the pleasantries. Aidan’s mine, whether he likes it or not.