I really need an extra hour in my day. I mean, it’s October and there are a ton of new fall television shows for me to get sucked into. Have you started watching any cool new shows this season?

In years past, I couldn’t wait for the special TV Guide Fall Preview issue. File:TV Guide Logo.png I’d read the blurb about each show and circle with a highlighter which shows were “Must See.” Then I’d plan my life around which shows were on which nights. Can I tell you how happy I am about DVRs and being able to watch shows On Demand or online?!

Unfortunately, that extra hour isn’t coming my way and an hour spent watching television is an hour that something else isn’t getting done. (Like writing.) However, television shows are good for studying plot, pacing and characters – so even when I watch, I’m still sort of writing, right???

Albeit smaller than in years past, here’s the list of new shows on my “Must Watch” list (so far) this season:

Nashville – ABC – I’d watch this show just for Connie Britton (aka Tammy Taylor on Friday Night Lights – one of my all time favorite shows!!) After one episode, I’m already vested in the characters with all the emotional drama going on.

Revolution – NBC – This show reminds me a little of the now defunct Terra Nova but without dinosaurs. A few scenes reminded me of the dystopian novel, The Eleventh Plague. The pacing of the action is phenomenal, lots of image8plot twists and a bunch of loathsome characters with plausible motives that make you sort of like them.

Last Resort – ABC – I’ll be honest… I’ve only seen five minutes and then my internet connection went klugey. However, those first five hooked me with the action.

Chicago Fire – NBC – Here’s another I haven’t gotten to watch… yet. But fully intend to give it a go. Can you say firemen??? I am not going to date myself here… but let me just say – I’ve always enjoyed shows about rescue personnel. Smile

I am sure in the upcoming weeks I’ll stumble across something else buzz worthy. Has anyone watched the Beauty and the Beast or Arrow? Do you have any other recommendations?

*TV Guide logo courtesy of Wiki Commons.