I tend to do a lot of runs on the treadmill since I have two kids who aren’t old enough to babysit themselves and I have to squeeze in workouts The Classwhenever I can.  I’m the kind of runner that doesn’t mind the treadmill.  I don’t get dizzy or disoriented.  Plus, I really love being able to catch up on movies or television programs while getting in my run.  Right now I’m watching “The Class” which was an Academy Award nominee for best Foreign Language Film in 2009.   It’s in French with English subtitles and is about an inner-city school in Paris with a diverse student population. 

Aside from my current viewing pleasure, I came across this hilarious video on MSN about the evils of running on the treadmill.  I’ll be honest – I don’t use that little clip that you are supposed to attach yourself to the treadmill with. Probably because I’m a diehard runner and don’t want to feel tethered when I’m cranking out a 7:15 minute mile.  (It gets in the way of arm swing and affects my cadence.)  But seriously – does anybody?  I think the manufacturers just put that on there to escape liability for us getting treadmill burn if we get tripped up by the treadmill turf monster.

However, I have had a major incident on the treadmill that I thought I Exercise Ball - Wikimediawould share.  When my son was two-ish, he was playing with my balance ball while I went for a run on the treadmill.  He rolled the huge rubbery red ball.  It hit the belt and suddenly I found myself running downhill.  Which should be impossible on a treadmill.  The ball popped and me and the treadmill slammed back to the ground.  The incident damaged the motor, but luckily me and my son came away unscathed.  Moral of the story:  Don’t let two-year olds play with bouncing objects near a moving treadmill.  (Image of boy on ball courtesy of Wikimedia)

Feel free to share your tales of treadmill mishaps in the comments, and for more “what not to do” while treadmilling, check out this funny video:

(Video courtesy of MSN and The WorldWide Interweb.)

Happy Treadmilling!!