I kinda have this problem, called “lack of things to blog about,” so then I don’t blog because my mantra is “I only blog when I have something interesting to say.”  I LOVE that motto and it fits in nicely with my hectic life. But what use is a blog when you don’t use it, right?

Well, I found this cool resource called 365 Days of Writing Prompts.  Too bad I found it like in August.  Anyway – I decided when I am so compelled (errr. when I have a few extra minutes on my hands with which to write a blog post) I’ll find a fun prompt and go with it.

Today, I’m doing a prompt called Bookworms.  In this challenge, I had to grab the nearest book, and find the tenth word. Google image search for that word and then describe what the image brings to mind.

Here goes… The nearest book is Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher and the tenth word is “corner.”

The corner of a street is really the first thing I think of, and when I did a search on Morguefile (so I’d be able to share the image), wouldn’t you know, the first image was of this cool street corner.


I know what you’re thinking…Cool??? That street corner looks a little wrecked. The paint is peeling off the woodwork around the door, the blinds in the windows look askew and in fact, the store looks abandoned. Wait! Take a closer look at the red door. Are those weeds growing in front of it? Yup. Definitely abandoned.

But you know what?!  I LOVE it!!  It reminds me of going to check out some HUD homes with my mom when I was a teenager. Checking out old, dilapidated buildings and just imagining what they could become with a little TLC still fascinates me. And I think places like these make cool settings for stories. This corner kind of reminds me of a scene in BN&A (acronym for my contemporary YA romance that is yay close to being done! YAY!!)

In BN&A, there is an abandoned building in the center of the downtown area where the teenagers go to hang out. See the wooden door to the right of the red one?  My characters would use that door to enter the building, where they’d walk down a long dark hallway, descend a steep set of stone steps which dumps them out into a labyrinth of underground rooms where they play capture the flag in the dark. Spooky, but it was a fun scene to write.

What do you think of abandoned buildings?  Do share!! Love them or Leave them.

– TL –