So I like to take pictures. My family hates it. I’m the one at all events with a camera slung around her neck saying, “Hold it. Let me get a picture.” Followed by moans and groans and rumbling of discontent. My little guy has resorted to “ruining” every picture by making a funny face. Who knows how goofy our Christmas cards are going to look.

A part of our Fall tradition is making a trek to the pumpkin farm in search of a “Great PumpkDSC00749_thumb10in” of our own. Of course – I have to take tons of photos because the pumpkin patch is full of great photo ops. This year, after hearing about Yahoo Farm from one of my writing buddies, my family and I headed there on our quest. It was a perfectly crisp fall morning with overcast skies. It’s funny how the vibrant orange pumpkins brighten an otherwise dreary day. There were no lines and a wonderful selection of pumpkins of all sizes and shapes. The scent of all things fall, like hay and drying corn stalks and fried apple pies, floating on the cool breeze.

We loved getting sort-of lost in the corn maze and the kids thought blasting ears of corn through the Corn Cannon was pretty cool. After a few minutes of indecision, we succeeded in our quest for The Pumpkin_thumb2Pumpkin. A deformed beauty caught our eye this year. It was probably pushing 30 lbs, bright orange, with a stem on the bottom because it didn’t have a flat bum. (See below to get the bum reference) The pumpkin with the arrow over it – that’s the one we picked. See the little indention to the left – it kinda makes the pumpkin look like a butt. Right? Smile Sadly, that picture doesn’t do it justice but I forgot to take a picture before hubby & kids worked their magic transforming it into a jack-o-lantern…

Here’s the transformation… I thought it looked quite spooky all aglow.


Didn’t they do a great job?? 

This post was supposed to be about these photos I took at the farm… I love using nature as inspiration and these are a few of my favorites that I took that morning in the farm’s Butterfly Garden.  Enjoy…

Reds, pinks, oranges…beautiful…


The butterfly wasn’t a very cooperative subject, but this shot turned out okay…


This sunflower is my favorite…


(All photos taken by me…and are the property of TL Sumner)

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