I know you’ve seen them.  Those sassy shirts that say something like, “Some Girls Chase Boys.  I Pass ‘Em.”  While I was training and competing, one of the coolest feelings was knowing I could run faster than a heck of a lot of guys.  In fact, post-collegiately, I did some workouts with the Men’s Track team at LaSalle.  Now that was fun.  It made us all better runners.  It’s true, when you train with people better than you, it makes you work harder.

Here are some other sassy shirts I’ve seen:

Run Like a Girl      One Bad Mother Runner      Kick Assphalt

If you like those, consider purchasing one from a running specialty shop in your neighborhood or online one of my favorites is One More Mile or We Love Runners.

An on that note, here’s a cool video from Michael Del Monte about three top women runners:  Sheila Reid (Go ‘Nova!!), Megan Brown & Kate Van Buskirk.  They “Run Like Girls” and kick some major assphalt in the process. 

Competitive Running: a woman’s perspective from Michael Del Monte on Vimeo.

I’m proud to say I run like a girl.  Are you?