The thing I’m referring to is my latest manuscript.  (Yes it’s a teen romance – because that’s all I write.)  I’ve been so excited about working on it, but the sizzle is staring to fizzle.  It’s like a puzzle.  I know I have all the parts, butpuzzle piece this puzzle has more than one way to solve the darned thing. 

I’ve outlined the story.  All the plot points are working together so the story makes sense.  But with quite a few chapters written, I’ve found a scene where the heroine (Callie) has a heart-to-heart with her ex-boyfriend could be placed in a different chapter.  It would make perfect sense to the story, not mess up the plot structurally or cause any other mayhem in the plot.

Now I’m getting nervous because I really love this scene.  Does that make it one of those “darlings” they talk about that should be axed?  Does the scene move the story forward?  Does the scene help with characterization?  And the answer is a resounding YES to the characterization question, but according to this latest outline – I’m not sure this is moving the story forward.  I can just tweak the scene so that it serves more than one purpose.  But should I mess with it  if I’m just going to delete it?

Troubled People make the best musicI hope this quote applies to writing stories too.  I’m second guessing myself.  I’m second guessing my outline.  I’m second guessing this entire story.  Ugghh!! 

Writing novels isn’t always tea & crumpets.  Right about now, I’m likening it to self-prescribed torture.

Well – back to work I go.  I’ve got a story to fix. Peace