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These are a few of my favorite apps

This month’s Writer Wednesday is all about the apps. I have so so many apps, like most peeps, but here are 5 of my faves that I think everyone should have on their phone: Slack – Think group texting on … Keep Reading…

What Dickens got right about March

    Do you have a favorite quote about spring?  Leave a comment here, or tweet at me. – TL –

2016 = FUN

  I thought this quote on goals was a perfect way to kick of the first blog of the New Year. Not that I’ll be blogging very much, but still… Everyone talks about goals and resolutions as they kick off … Keep Reading…

Go Forth with Bold Enthusiasm

Last week my daughter’s Health & Wellness class had homework for the parents. We were asked what advice would you give your child that would help them meet their goals. At the time I could only come with something lame … Keep Reading…

Truck driver, NFL referee or NOT

I’m sure you’ve heard the question — What do you want to be when you grow up?  I’m going to be honest. I hate that question. Okay, hate may be a little strong. I truly don’t care for that question. … Keep Reading…


Go Confidently

The Time Is Right

Free your Mind

  I LOVE this quote I found it on a Yogi teabag.  And how true it is. During particularly challenging days at my non-writing job, I can just feel my creative brain cells shriveling.  When I log off of work, … Keep Reading…

Quotable Thursday

This one speaks for itself… Enjoy…   Do you have any quotes about happiness or staying positive?  I’d love for you to share!!  Be happy. < p align=”center”>– TL –