Talk to me and watch me crumble,
You will see me come undone.
(Lyrics from Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure)

I totally missed posting this last Tuesday…. The official release day for Disclosure’s awesome single, Help Me Lose My Mind featuring London Grammar.  (And if you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you’d know that London Grammar happens to be one of my favorite groups – check out the post settleI did on them here.)

Soooooo…I love this song!!  It’s got catchy drum riffs and synthesizer beats, lyrics you’ll want to sing along to and it’s a song that will get you moving – whether it’s out of your chair to dance or just tapping your feet.

Sadly, I can’t post a video because the video was pulled due to what some construed as images glorifying drug use.  Being that I didn’t see the video, I can neither confirm or deny said allegations, however the dudes (aka The Brothers Lawrence) that are Disclosure, said the video did NOT show anyone doing drugs, it just showed people having a good time.   So…instead of a video, check out the tune on SoundCloud.

What do you think?  Help Me Lose My Mind is from their hit album Settle, which you can purchase wherever you love to buy your music.  Smile  And they’re hitting the States beginning in January.  Check out the tour dates to see if they’re stopping in a city near you.