I just realized last week flew by and I failed to write a post for the blog.  Time just flies when it’s Spring Break and the weather is absolutely gorgeous.  I’ll be honest, the last place I wanted to be was inside on my computer.

Over break, the kids lived outside.  They rode bikes and scooters.  Played baseball and just had an enjoyable time not being in school.  In my attempts to not be an absentee parent, I took my laptop outside so I could work and watch.  Aside from having to dust the pollen off my laptop every night, it was wonderful. 

Working outside gave me a fresh perspective which I hope can carry through to some fresh ideas for my writing.  Aside from the obvious senses nature provides us, I also experienced emotions.  Like the startle when I heard rustling in the bushes near my chair.  Or the look of sheer excitement in the kids’ faces when they played “roller coaster” on our hills.  My fright when I thought the kids were going to have a head-on bike collision.  Or the kids’ panic when the ice cream truck was almost to our cul-de-sac and they still didn’t have any money in their hands.

I learned a new trick to add to my Writer’s Toolbox – when I’m looking for a fresh way to describe something ordinary – just go outside.  Nature is teeming with them.