I was pondering what to write for this blog post.  Some advice I’d heard when you are unsure what to write — just put your butt in the chair and write.  There’s a cute acronym that goes along with that mantra – BIC.  But the BIC method is not for me and probably not you either… 


A few months ago my husband told me about a study that claims spending a lot of time sitting throughout the day at a desk job will kill you.  At first, I pshaw’d that study — I exercise.  Although not as fit as I used to be, I can still run under 8 minutes a mile.  My diet could use some more fruits and veggies, but I eat okay.  I’m not overweight.  I’m good.  No worries. 

Then I read this article –> You sitting down? Experts say it’ll kill you

and this article –>  Sitting will kill you

and this one –>  Why your desk job is slowly killing you

I freaked.  I sit all day for my day job, then after the kids go to bed, it’s BIC to write into the wee hours.  So aside from ruining my eyes by staring at the computer screen all day and night, killing myself from lack of sleep, I’m also leading a sedentary lifestyle or am what they call, “an active couch potato.”  This could lead to heart disease and a greater risk for diabetes.  All because I’m doing what I love to do – write. 

Then I heard about two acquaintances, both skinny, somewhat active women in their 40’s who had heart disease.  Both ended up hospitalized and had heart surgery.

I freaked again.  I can’t NOT write.

Hubby to the rescue.  He told me about an adjustable height desk made by Geek Desk.  In fact, he said he’d used one at a previous job and it was awesome.  He could raise and lower it as he wished.  So I checked out Geek Desk and was excited to buy one, until I saw how much it would cost to deliver it.  And then decided it wasn’t even all that pretty.  So I did some further digging around. 

And I found… my beautiful counter height partner desk from Ballard Designs.   It’s big enough for me to have my laptop and my manuscript and my reference books all spread out, and still have enough room for the kids and their various projects on the other side. 

IMAG0209 I bought counter height stools (that swivel) so when I want to sit, I can sit.  When I want to stand, I stand.  I’d say I spend about half the day FOF – Feet On Floor.  

Until a study comes back saying too much standing will kill you…


<==This is a picture from my office.  I usually sit on the other side, by the window.  This is the chair my kids like to hang out in.